Eyes Wide Open

a cultural encounter with projections , performance, discussions, about human and environmental values.

Eyes Wide Open

The arts can help people connect and communicate by using predominantly their body and senses. Opening our eyes in order to really see, “opening” our ears in order to listen carefully, “opening” up ourselves in order to “fit” each other and “move” towards the other these are actual preconditions for a communication on equal terms.


12 February 2016, 16.00 -21.15


Blackbox Theater/ DEREE - The American College of Greece
6 Gravias Str., Αgia Paraskevi, 153 42 Athens, Greece.


16.00-17.45 Beyond the Ordinary
Efva Lilja - Sweden. Lecture /Performance /Discussion

17.45-18.00 Intermission

18.00-19.45  Songs of my Neighbors
Elena Agathokleous - Cyprus. Documentary /Discussion.

19.45-20.00 Intermission

20.00-21.15  Drops of Breath
Sophie Bulbulyan, Apostolia Papadamaki - France/ Greece. Film Projection /Discussion

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Beyond the Ordinary – Lecture /Performance

“Seeing the world with the eye of an artist means watching, listening and using knowledge and intuition to relate to the present without taking anything for granted. It entails finding a methodology for thought and meeting the politically complex challenges of modern society and cultural contexts. The art of choreography as action and thinking, allows us to be provocative, to question, to reflect or to test social ideologies, if we just dare to go beyond the ordinary. Through dance, text and imagery I invite all of you into a loveful moment of action.” Efva Lilja is a Swedish artist and researcher, working with choreography as dance, visual art, films and writings.



Songs of My Neighbors - Documentary 

Songs of my Neighbors is a collaborative initiative aiming to use the arts, and theatre in particular, to encourage dialogue and social justice between communities that share conflict, and took place in Poland, Italy and Cyprus between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2015. Songs of my Neighbors, at its core, envisages encouraging intercultural sensitivity and dialogue, empathetic listening and understanding of our Neighbors. It aims to work on the complex issues of cohabitation and migration in multicultural societies, as well as promote cooperation and ethnic and religious tolerance between communities that share conflict. Listening to each other’s songs and stories, through a process of artistic research, is at the core of the project’s activities.

“What will happen if we listen to each other’s songs?”
“What will happen if we sing each other’s songs?”



Drops of Breath – Film

“Drops of Breath” invites us to a universe where every human has equal opportunities. Water is our home, with our mother’s protective and harmonic watery womb being the very first place we’ve all experienced. A team of underwater dancers (among them three disabled & three children),with an inclusive attitude towards otherness engage us to an aquatic world, where buoyancy and absolute freedom from gravity embraces human differences. A world’s 1st unique art experience that took place In 5m depth, in an underwater “theatre”, under the the Poseidon temple in Sounio ,Greece.A collective art work that offers a riveting visual and sound experience.