Drops of Peace

site specific dance, music, visuals performance

Drops of Peace is an outdoor performance combining dance and video screenings for viewers of all ages. The choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan, Lia Haraki and Apostolia Papadamaki (France, Cyprus, Greece) created Drops of Peace as a reflection on Drops of Breath, the world’s first underwater dance performance.

A walk in the performance site (garden, park, theater or other) provides an opportunity for viewers to experience their own journey, while watching the performers conjure memories inscribed during their underwater experience. The show begins as a game that involves both performers and audience. Through this experience of exploration small choreographic compositions emerge. As the encounter with nature and the environment becomes deeper, audience and performers alike participate in a sensory game of images and movement.

The original music composed by Trifon Koutsourelis, resonates the water into earth while the mesmerizing underwater images of Anastasis Agathos, are projected on bodies, walls, trees, doors or any other structure

A show that appeals to many senses, Drops of Peace is specifically re-created for the outdoor site where it is performed on each occasion. Performed by two Greek and three French dancers, a Cypriot dancer and a child.

Performance ID

Concept-Choreography: Sophie Bulbulyan, Lia Haraki, Apostolia Papadamaki.
Musical Composition: Trifon Koutsourelis
Screening Design: Alexandros Anagnostopoulos
Video Creation: Anastassis Agathos
EU Program Coordinator: Theodora Avgoulidou
Production Manager: Manolis Sardis
Visual Communication and Graphic Designer: Areion Stefanidis
Dancers: Eirini Kourouvani, Adoni Strouzas, Thierry Maboang, Ombline Noyer, Michée Quenum, Raymond Siopathis.
Child: Aymeric Fournier/Aristotelis Marinopoulos /Anny Antoniadou


5 & 6 /11/ 2016: Visages du Monde, Cergy (France)
19/7/2016: Kalamata International Dance Festival, Kalamata (Greece)
9 //1/2016: Le Moustier, Thorigny sur Marne (France)
30 &31 /10/2015: Municipal Gardens, Limassol (Cyprus)
30/1/2016: Beirut French School, Beirut (Lebanon)
8 /1/ 2016: La Fontaine aux Images, Clichy sous Bois (France)
25 ,26 &27 /10/2015: Vorres Museum Gardens, Paiania (Greece)

Drops of Peace is part of The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean - a European Union Cultural project into the Creative Europe, Horizon 2020 program for the period January 2015-May 2016