Drops of Breath

underwater dance performance

Drops of Breath is the world’s first underwater dance performance, envisioned & created by French choreographer Sophie Bulbulyan and Greek choreographer Apostolia Papadamaki.

In an underwater “theatre”, nine abled performers, three disabled performers and three children from France, Greece and Cyprus make the impossible possible,aiming to spread the values of equality and fraternity on the surface of the Earth. 

Drops of Breath invites three types of audience in one performance: 

  • Diving audience
  • Snorkeling audience
  • Screen audience.

The original music score by Trifon Koutsourelis based on strings, resonates through underwater speakers and offers an immersive sound experience.

The set design, a circle of 14m diameter, similar to an ancient Greek amphitheater,created by Giorgos Georgiou visualizes artistry in its purest form.

The first presentation of the project, involved 150 project contributors from 12 countries and used 3.600 hours of underwater dance training.

Drops of Breath, an ultimate art experience that alters the perception of time and space, received enormous media attention worldwide.

Performance ID

Concept / Choreography: Apostolia Papadamaki – Sophie Bulbulyan
Underwater Music: Tryfon Koutsourelis
Underwater Set Design: Giorgos Georgiou
Underwater Filming: Anastassis Agathos
Buoyancy Control Training: Tassos Papapanos
Diving trainers for Disabled Dancers: Luc Lakeman, Tassos Papapanos
Production Manager: Manolis Sardis
Assistant production manager :Christina Polychroniadou
Underwater stage manager: Maria Kakaroglou
Visual Communication and Graphic Design: Areion Stefanidis
Official Photographers and Videographers: Alexandros Anagnostopoulos / Picme.gr, Luc Lakeman
Performers: Dimitra Antonaki, Sophie Bulbulyan, Jules Bulbulyan, Souad Daoudi, Eleni Diamanti, Irene Kourouvani, Thierry Maboang, Aristoteles Marinopoulos, Nefeli Boskoiti, Apostolia Papadamaki, Tassos Papapanos, Christina Patsali, Michée Quenum, Dimitra Svigou, Antonis Strouzas
Executive E.U. project co ordinator: Theodora Avgoulidou

Co-produced with Lia Haraki / Pelma


September 25th-26th- 27th 2015: Cape Sounio, Attika, Greece

Drops of Breath is part of The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean - a European Union Cultural project into the Creative Europe, program for the period January 2015- April 2016.