Drops of Breath

photo exhibition

Four underwater photographers, captured motions and feelings from the Drops of Breath( clickable that goes to Drops of breath main info) world premiere, that was presented in September 2015, under the ancient Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio, Greece.

A selection of large scale mesmerizing photos, composes the Drops of Breath Photo Exhibition and invites visitors to experience the artistic vision through a project addressed to all Humans.

Drops of Breath Photo Exhibition

Selected samples of the Drops of Breath performance music is accessible through QR by any visitor to scan and listen on their smartphone.


Production: DK-BEL Company / QUASI STELLAR
Curator: Stefanos Souvatzoglou.
Photographers: Anastasis Agathos, Panayis Chrysovergis, Luc Lakeman, Carolin Negrin
Music: Trifon Koutsourelis


1/2/2016 -30/4/2016 Athens International Airport Art & Environmental Space
15/7/2016 - 15/9/2016 Yiasemi Cafe, 23 Mnisikleous St. Plaka, Athens

Curator contact: stefanos@dropsofbreath.com